An account of the construction and adventures of the motor yacht " High Times".






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Latest update June 14, 2012



Most of the pictures on this website were taken pre-digital camera and were captured from VHS video tape. The site was also designed for dial-up web connections, therefore images are small and lower quality. We do have some later pics which will be added in the future.                 We also just added different and larger images to the bridge construction page.















                                                                            Welcome aboard "High Times"


We're happy to have you aboard. In order to fully appreciate our site, please follow  the links to all our pages. We believe you'll find it all interesting and informative. 

 NOTE!!    Many of our sunsets are now displayed for your enjoyment , along with local scenery and wildlife, on our KRW Designs  web site .

If you would like to stay up to date with the radio room, please visit the Just Hams web site. 

Enjoy your visit!

       The 1999 project, the  enclosing of the flying bridge is here. Check our Bridge page, now completed.

In  June of 1998 we took our final trip from our home on the river, back to Greenwich  Marina, in Greenwich  N.J. where we delivered 

the boat to it' s new owner. We will provide some pictures of it as the new owner began to re-finish it once again.

Another update:  It is now  June, 2012 and I have just been in touch with it's newest owner who now intends to restore it once again to it's former glory....stay in touch, High Times will be floating once again in 2013.


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